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Essential Services is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) provider. We have our offices in Oman and operate through our partners in Pakistan, Middle East United Kingdom, USA, Canada to provide a broad range of solutions to our customers, our technologies stands at the forefront of IT innovation, offering a diverse range of services and solutions that address critical needs in various sectors, from aviation to food security and beyond

Master Systems Integration Services

We specialize in Master Systems Integration consulting services, with a primary focus on critical systems for airports and aviation. The methodology involves comprehensive steps to identify, group, and integrate systems, culminating in a strategic plan aligned with program deliverables and milestones. The approach covers functional specifications, quality plans, design, implementation, testing, and operational readiness acceptance testing.

Airport Operation Database

Our proficiency extends to the Airport Operations Database (AODB), a centralized system for flight scheduling and resource allocation. The team is adept at configuring AODB on-site, deploying it in hardware infrastructure, and customizing it for seamless integration with various subsystems, including Air Traffic Management, Aeronautical Message Handling System, Flight Information Display System, Baggage Handling System, and Integrated Airport Stand System.

National Single Window

We have demonstrated expertise in National Single Window projects for international trade transactions. Leveraging experience from international projects, our company excels in providing technical assistance for streamlined trade and transport processes.

Port Community system
Port Community System

Our expertise in the designing of the Port Community System facilitates electronic communication within ports and entities performing various operations in the port eco-system, fostering efficient exchange of information and maximizing port’s throughput.

Customs Modernization and Border Management

We, in collaboration with strategic partners, boasts over 50 years of experience in customs and trade automation. The company offers comprehensive services spanning declarations management, risk management, assessment management

Food Security

We are actively engaged in developing the Pakistan Food Security Information System (PFSIS) in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank. The system promises to revolutionize food security management by centralizing data, employing advanced analytics, facilitating real-time monitoring, and offering user-friendly interfaces.

Software Development

Competing in today’s digital economy requires balance. A rich ecosystem of our solutions and partnerships with leading providers enable our clients to reap the full rewards of their transformation initiatives.

Robotics Process Automation

With an in-house team of experienced RPA developers, we excel in automating business operations of any type.

Our Services

We’ll partner with you crafting cutting edge solutions but propel beyond your ambitious business goals.

API Development & Integration

We enable organizations to drive digital business and accelerate value at every stage of their integration initiatives. Our teams have built powerful integrations with unmatched end-to-end capabilities and enterprise-grade security for a multitude of use cases.

Resource Augmentation

Our flexible staffing service options range from providing resources, resource pods, or team clusters on a short or long-term, temporary, and contract-to-hire basis. With our resources working along with client teams, they get a seamless extension of their IT, cloud, and dev teams to expand, and contract based on demand.


Our comprehensive suite of cloud services covers the full spectrum of cloud adoption, including strategy development, readiness assessments, migration planning, implementation and integration, security and compliance, cost optimization, performance optimization, backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Software Development

Competing in today’s digital economy requires balance. A rich ecosystem of our solutions and partnerships with leading providers enable our clients to reap the full rewards of their transformation initiatives.

Application Modernization

We deliver a robust application modernization strategy that effectively minimizes the resources needed for application operations, amplifies deployment frequency, and enhances both uptime and resilience.

Managed Services

We enable organizations to extend their teams with operational capabilities including monitoring, incident detection and management, disaster recovery, backup and security.

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